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Don’t Miss These Free Classes – No Matter What Age We Are, Death Is A Natural Part Of Life & Can Come Sooner Than Expected.

Don’t Miss These Free Classes – No Matter What Age We Are, Death Is A Natural Part Of Life & Can Come Sooner Than Expected.

No matter what age we are, death is a natural part of life and can come sooner than expected.

Death Is A Natural Part Of Life & Can Come Sooner Than Expected

~ Don’t Miss These Important and Eye-opening Family Classes ~



In our Western culture, there is a tendency to avoid any discussion or understanding about death.

Advances in medicine over the last 75 years have distanced us all from the reality of death – we rarely experience death today as a part of our everyday lives.

Death Is A Natural Part Of Life & Can Come Sooner Than Expected

In fact,
“…90% of people say that talking with loved ones about end of life is important, yet only 27% have actually done so.”
The Conversation Project


Death Is A Natural Part Of Life & Can Come Sooner Than Expected



Our Newest FREE Classes are designed for our client’s families – and they may be the most important classes you take!

When death can become possible sooner than we expect, these classes prepare you with the necessary insights and actions to provide care, assistance or support to a loved one of any age when needed.


Why Are These Classes So Important?
  • We all have family, friends, and loved ones who have experienced severe accidents, debilitating illnesses, cancer, and the health issues that come as we all age.


  • These classes address how we can all be as prepared as possible and learn how to empathize, understand, and support anyone, at any age, who experiences any of the challenges above!


  • When we understand the basics, we are better prepared to help our friends, family, and even ourselves, whenever that help is needed.

Death Is A Natural Part Of Life & Can Come Sooner Than Expected 

Our new workshops are designed to support and share best practices for Family Caregivers?

Who Will Benefit From These Classes?

Whether you are 20 years old or 60+, create space for yourself, and your loved one, to have a more meaningful and loving experience should death become possible sooner than we expect.

Death Is A Natural Part Of Life & Can Come Sooner Than Expected

This 4-Part Series of Classes Is Designed To:

Provide approachable and applicable tools so you can be better prepared for living life with an increased awareness of death, dying, and grief.

Classes Will Help You:  

Create confidence, understanding, and teach empathetic support , so you can better handle one of life’s most challenging times with confidence, an even keel and an open heart.

Classes Include:

Engaging Video, Open Discussions, and Q&A sessions

Topics Include:

      • Increased awareness and understanding of one of life’s hardest challenges –  including, how to approach the situation and how to communicate with understanding & empathy.
      • How to understand & prepare for your needs, those of the whole family and your loved one.
      • How to give practical support if death approaches sooner than expected.
      • Preparation for the final phases of life and how to handle grief for yourself, the whole family and your loved one.


Set Aside a Quick Hour or So Of Your Time To Be Better Prepared For Any Possibility – You’ll be so thankful you did!


Class Schedule:  

There will be 2 classes each month in May and June, for a total of 4 classes.  If you cannot attend all 4 classes – PLEASE feel free to attend as many as you can. We highly recommend attending all 4, to get the greatest benefit.

    • Wed, May 17, 3p-5p What You Need To Know – How to Approach Conversations About Possible Death
    • Wed, May 24, 3p-5p:  Understanding The Unique Needs of the Family and Loved One
    • Wed, June 7, 3p-5p:  How to Give Practical Support and What to Look For When Death Approaches
    • Wed, June 14, 3p-5p: How to Prepare For Life’s Final Phases and the Grief Surrounding It


 Normally these classes are $200 each and only available through our Guest Expert & Educator  –  Right Now, through Ohana Care Maui, they are FREE! 


Where to Sign Up:
    • Call the office to RSVP at  808-344-1285. 
    • RSVP via the HobNob App event invitation that we send out via text message.

  ** Feel free to call us with any questions you may have regarding any of our classes!


Teaching & Leading the 4-part series:

 Our Guest & Professional Expert, Laura Miner, will teach these engaging classes:   Laura brings a lightness of spirit to a subject that can be challenging and draws on her personal experiences.  Attendees have reported feeling more logistically and emotionally prepared and feel a “little more richness and depth coloring their present moments” as a result of participating.

Laura Miner, CT, is a certified end-of-life educator & mentor, and former hospice worker with over 20 years of experience in the field.  She is a certified Thanatologist and member of ADEC, (the Association for Death Education and Counseling, CT# 18176).


We Can’t Wait to See You All  —  You’re going to love this class!


OCM is the only In-home Care Service on Maui that offers these valuable workshops to help you and your ohana navigate a successful, positive family caregiving experience.

These classes are the same classes we use for our “Never-ending Staff Training” so our aides are always learning and becoming more skilled!

For More Information about how to talk about what matters to you and have a say in your healthcare –  
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All Workshops will be held at Ohana Care Maui:
1464 Lower Main St. Unit 211 Wailuku 96793

(We Are Sad To Say That Our Classroom Is Not Handicap Accessible)


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