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Did You Know?! Walkers Can Cause Accidents They’re Meant to Prevent?

When mobility and balance become an issue, “Walkers Come To The Rescue” for those who have cognitive decline, restricted weight-bearing, leg weakness and/or balance issues.  

Did You Know? Ohana Care Maui has a FREE CNA Training Program!

Our FREE CNA Training Program can be your path to Nursing School or a wonderful long-term career choice! Over the last 9 years many of our Nurse Aides have applied to and been accepted to Nursing School.

Yes! A Patient Advocate Can Help – Learn Why You Might Need One.

Learn How a Patient Advocate Can Help You or Your Loved One.  For many seniors, it can be a bit overwhelming to listen to and understand all the treatment options and medical terminology your doctor discusses with you! 

It’s a New Year and It’s Time to Stop Judging Yourself!

It’s a New Year and It’s Time to Stop Judging Yourself. If you care for a loved one who needs regular, ongoing assistance, you may feel overwhelmed, frustrated,  angry, or guilty… 

Help Fight Senior Loneliness, One Letter at a Time.

Help Fight Senior Loneliness one letter at a time To most of us, the holidays are a time to celebrate and be happy… Sadly, many seniors find it difficult to stay positive and happy during this time.

Six Alzheimer’s Care & Support Programs You Need Are Available

Did You Know? The Alzheimer’s Care & Support You Need is Available on Maui. Learn About These 6 Important Care & Support Programs Now!

Five Steps to Create an Emergency Disaster Plan for Older Adults

Do It Now! Learn the Five Important Steps to Make an Emergency Plan for Older Adults

Can Your Senior Friend or Loved One Drive Safely?

If you’re worried about a Senior Driver being able to drive safely, Learn More Here!

What to Do When Your Loved One Says “No!” To In-Home Care

At some point, most of us will have to deal with aging parents or loved ones who need help — You are not alone!

Don’t Miss These Free Classes – No Matter What Age We Are, Death Is A Natural Part Of Life & Can Come Sooner Than Expected.

  In our Western culture, there is a tendency to avoid any discussion or understanding about death.

The Unusual Early Signs of Dementia

Is your loved one losing their sight, falling more often or becoming more gullible? We might think we understand the basics of dementia with all the research that’s available … but, I’ll bet there are some early signs that may surprise you!

Caregiver Burnout – What Is It & How Can You Prevent It?

  Being a caregiver for a loved one can be a rewarding experience that can also come with its fair share of stressors and downsides. It’s not surprising that most caregivers eventually suffer from Caregiver Burnout. Especially when we consider all of the changes in their family situation & lives, the added financial pressures and the additional workload that comes with being the primary caregiver. Learn what it is and how to prevent it

Dementia-related Delusions: The Unexpected Surprise Of Dementia Symptoms.

    “… Common perceptions of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia tend to focus on memory loss, and many families can be caught off guard by symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions.”  ~ UsAgainst Alzheimer’s

Plan A Vacation With Loved Ones Who Need Assistance!

Vacation With Loved Ones Who Need Assistance Make your vacation on Maui, or off-island, relaxing, worry-free and fun for your entire family!  

Did You Know… Ohana Care Maui’s FREE Family Caregiver Workshops Will Begin in 2023?

According to recent studies, most family caregivers provide care to a spouse, partner, or parents. Some provide care for adult children, relatives or a friend.*  We’ve seen firsthand how these workshops help new caregivers learn the things they need to know so they understand the best ways to help.” ~Jessika Galvez, CEO Ohana Care Maui

Choose Your Home Care Agency Wisely! Four (4) Key Areas To Consider.

The relationship between a caregiver and a client/patient is crucial to their physical and emotional health!   Creating positive client relationships requires unique skillsets and strategies –  and, the right Home Care Agency will have a team that is well-trained so they can create trust while providing compassionate, professional care. ~ Jessika Galvez, CEO

Physical Therapy – What Is It & Why Do You Need It?

Physical Therapy is a process that helps your body heal, reduces pain, improves mobility and your quality of life. It includes an important relationship between the therapist and the patient built on honesty & trust.

In-home Care Or Assisted Living – Which One Is Best For You?

In-home Care Or Assisted Living – Which One Is Best For You? The choice between Assisted Living & In-home Care can be a tough decision for many families.  As you or your loved one age, there are many aspects to consider that have both personal & financial advantages and disadvantages.

What You Need To Know to ‘Age in Place’ Safely

“Nearly 90% of seniors approaching retirement want to stay in their homes as they age”, according to a study by the Federal Housing Administration.

How to Keep Your Summer Workout Safe

Got plans to get out and exercise?  Make sure that you keep your Summer Workout safe! Learn some basic precautions, so you can safely enjoy exercise all year on Maui!

Understanding Balance Problems in Seniors

Balance Problems in Seniors Balance problems are one of the most common reasons that seniors fall and get injured.

Negative Effects of Loneliness in Older Adults and How You Can Help

        Did You Know? “… feelings of loneliness have affected an estimated 46 million Americans, and more frequent feelings of loneliness were found in adults aged 60 and older.” 1

Get the Help, Support and Information You Need for Alzheimer’s or Dementia!

The Help You Need is Available on Maui!

7 Tips for Talking to Someone with Dementia or Alzheimer’s

Use these 7 Tips for Talking to Someone with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. You will Increase the odds of a successful talk and create communication that fosters respect and genuine warmth!

Dementia vs. Alzheimer’s Disease — What IS the Difference?

Dementia vs Alzheimer’s – What Is The Difference? Learning the difference between The Two is Important … so we can help those living with Alzheimer’s,

The Dangers of Poor Dental Care for Seniors

There is a direct link between senior’s oral health & their overall health, and those that are disabled, homebound, or in nursing homes have a higher risk of poor dental health.

Did You Know? End of Life Care Is Not a New Idea

In our Western culture, there is a tendency to avoid discussions about death, so most are not aware that End-of-Life Care exists.