We make great caregivers even better – including family caregivers!

Our classes are amazing. And they’re free!


At Ohana Care Maui doing more for people is just the way we do things.
That’s why we offer free classes for our staff and for our clients’ families.

We know that the best care starts at home, so we want our clients’ families to have access to classes that help develop the skills that make a real difference in the lives of their loved ones.

Free classes for staff and family caregivers.

Our classes are currently limited to staff, clients & ohana of our clients.

Bed Care

Part 1 – Learn about the dangers of immobility, repositioning patients, skin care for bed-bound patients, body mechanics, how to give a bed bath, proper peri care and changing an occupied bed.

Part 2 - Skills practice - bed bath, peri care, bed pan & fracture pan, washing hair in bed, changing a brief in bed and more.

Transfer Training

Part 1 - Learn good body mechanics while moving patients, how to use a gait belt, hoyer transfer introduction, pivot transfers, assist to falls for patients to safely be helped to the ground when falling, helping patients back up safely when they do fall, how to safely get in and out of a car with a patient.

Part 2 - Learn proper communication to have with patients while moving them, hoyer lift transfer refresher, sliding board transfers & bed mobility, how to transfer patients in small or tight spaces safely, fall assist review, proper standby assist when ambulating with a walker.

Part 3 - Complete hoyer transfer training, disc transfer practice and training, sliding board transfer practice/review, pivot transfer practice/review, walker transfers review/practice, problem-solving during a transfer if/when things go wrong.

Preventative Skin Care

Part 1 - Learn about pressure sores - what they are, how to care for them, how to prevent them, and techniques to prevent bedsores and other issues.

Part 2 - Practice skin care techniques and learn more about pressure sores, skin sheering, excessive moisture and best practices for skin care.

Dementia Care

Part 1 -Rules of Improv - Learn how to properly address dementia patients in basic conversation & why this is so important. Discuss what improv is and learn the 5 rules associated with it and how this coincides with Dementia patients. Includes role play scenarios to develop your improv skills.

Part 2 - Understanding from their Perspective - Participants will wear devices that allow them to experience vision and hearing challenges of dementia patients. Role play scenarios will bring true understanding of the challenges of dementia.

Part 3 - Signs & Symptoms: Normal brains vs Dementia brains - signs & symptoms of Dementia, what to look out for, understanding what is and is not normal degression.

Part 4 - Stages & Types: Learn the different stages and different types of Dementia including what to expect.

Part 5 – Communication #1: Learn about communication difficulties for/with Dementia patients & how to approach, support, and effectively communicate with those who suffer from Dementia.

Body Mechanics

Part 1 - Learn proper body mechanics & why they are important to prevent injury, risk factors while caring for others, self-help tips & tricks & proper stretching techniques.

Part 2 - Review body mechanics, learn about different muscle groups, lifting techniques, tools to help you stay healthy, how to care for yourself and basic self-massage care.

Part 3 - Complete hoyer transfer training, disc transfer practice and training, sliding board transfer practice/review, pivot transfer practice/review, walker transfers review/practice, problem solving during a transfer if/when things go wrong.

End of Life Care

Part 1 - Learn how to talk about death and dying with clients & watch the video “Being Mortal”.

Part 2 – Develop practical tools to meet end-of-life care needs of clients.

Part 3 - Learn the signs of approaching death and practical things you can do for the patient.

Part 4 – Gain an understanding of grief and how to help the patient and themselves.

Classes for Ohana Care Maui Staff.

Our staff members complete the same classes that family caregivers have access to, plus they enjoy additional in-depth training in key areas to ensure our people are the best of the best. Topics include HIPPA, communication, how to handle difficult situations, professional development as well as in-depth classes on patient care, abuse, blood pathogens, elder abuse & more.

Free CNA Training!

We pay for CNA school while you work for Ohana Care Maui so you can literally earn while you learn! When you complete your training, all you have to do is work with us for 1 year and your training is on us! You may attend any of the following schools and we will pay for 100% of your CNA tuition.

Hawai’i Healthcare Training by Sir Larry


CNA Hawaii Institute


Call us and discover how you can become a CNA with free tuition from Ohana Care Maui.