Aging at Home Dementia & Alzheimer's

Get the Help, Support and Information You Need for Alzheimer’s or Dementia!

Get the Help, Support and Information You Need for Alzheimer’s or Dementia!

The Help You Need is Available on Maui!

Whether you are a caregiver for Ohana or you have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or related dementias – 
Check Out These Care & Support Programs from the Alzheimer’s Association, Hawaii 
… because

No one should have to face Alzheimer’s alone.  

Maui Support & Care-

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“On Maui, we focus on maximizing quality care and support for [Alzheimer’s or Dementia] and all those affected. This means providing free classes, support groups, and a 24/7 Helpline for family caregivers.

We know that over 50,000 people take care of a loved one at home in Hawaii (and) these family caregivers often work full time. It’s my hope that we can reach them with tools that make their day-to-day a little easier and help them feel more empowered.”


— Christine Spencer, Regional Coordinator, Alzheimer’s Association, Maui County

What Help and Support is Available?

Check out the huge variety of FREE resources  for Alzheimer’s or Related Dementias available to those in Maui County.

Core Programs Available Now: 
    • Education Programs
    • New LOCAL, Hawaii 24/7 Helpline (800) 272-3900
    • Care Consultations
    • Support Groups
    • Information and Referral
    • E-news
Their Programs are Free!


“All of our association’s classes and support services are always provided free of charge. This wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of local business leaders, like Ohana Care Maui, who donate by sponsoring our Walk to End Alzheimer’s every year.”  


— Christine Spencer, Regional Coordinator, Alzheimer’s Association, Maui County

Let’s Take a Closer Look at Each Program:

Get all the Help, Support and Information You Need for Alzheimer’s or Related Dementias with the following programs.

1-  Education Programs:

Classes and events can be in-person and virtual!

Online or Virtual classes are “tailored for every part of the journey” and available 24/7. Depending on your needs, they range from a quick 30 minutes and go up to 1.5 hours.

Topics include:

      • Know the 10 Signs
      • Alzheimer’s Basics
      • Caregiving Advice
      • Effective Communication Strategies
      • Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body
      • Legal and Financial Planning
      • A “Living with Alzheimer’s” series for caregivers
      • And, so much more!

For in-person classes in Maui County: Find an education program near you.

Online Classes: Visit our Training and Education Center

Our Virtual Library:  The Virtual Library is an extension of the Alzheimer’s Association Green-Field Library

2-  New LOCAL, Hawaii Helpline:

Call Anytime — available 24/7!  This Local Helpline has Masters Level Staff for you to speak with 365 days a year and they speak over 200 languages.

4 Ways For Easy Access: Live phone call, online, via form submission and TTY.  (800) 272-3900

3-  Care Consultations:

Take advantage of a personalized, in-depth talk-story session. Topics range from discussions on caregiving barriers, providing emotional support, legal and financial planning, how to find local resources, disease education, & more.

Schedule a Care Consultation Call: 808-518-6650

4-  Support Groups:

It helps to talk story with fellow caregivers who are in the same boat. Join the group via Zoom or by phone, on the 3rd Thursday of every month. Sessions run from 4-5 pm.

To sign up: Call – 808-518-6650 or Email

5- Information and Referral:

Access to a wealth of educational materials, brochures, online services and be able to . connect with over 75 community partners in Maui County.

Online Referral Resource:,,

6- Sign-up for E-news:

Keep up with news and events!  Every Wednesday, you’ll receive the latest information on Alzheimer’s care and support, advances in research, as well as inspirational stories and resources for people living with the disease and their caregivers.

Sign up Here: ENews SignUp

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For More Help or Information:
Check our website
More on classes and events  –
Alzheimer’s Helpline  800-272-3900


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