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Choose Your Home Care Agency Wisely! Four (4) Key Areas To Consider.

Choose Your Home Care Agency Wisely! Four (4) Key Areas To Consider.

Choose Your Home Care Agency Wisely!

Four (4) Key Areas To Consider.

Choose Your Home Care Agency Wisely! Four (4) Key Areas To Consider.

The relationship between a caregiver and a client/patient is crucial to their physical and emotional health!


Creating positive client relationships requires unique skillsets and strategies – 

and, the right Home Care Agency will have a team that is well-trained so they can create trust

while providing compassionate, professional care.

~ Jessika Galvez, CEO

y Areas To Consider.


– Foundations Of  Quality Care –

With a foundation built on trust, a positive, healthy relationship between caregiver and client will begin and grow stronger over time!

It Can Be So Simple – if you hire the right agency.  Choose your Home Care Agency wisely and make sure your ohana is getting the exceptional care they deserve.


Choose Your Home Care Agency Wisely! Four (4) Ke

Four (4) Key Areas To Consider To Ensure A Positive, Exceptional Caregiver/Client Relationship —

To Ensure A Positive Caregiver-Client Relationship –  Remember, the quality of care is exponentially higher and more positive when you find the right Home Care Agency.  Higher quality agencies actively factor the “foundations of quality care” into the culture of the agency and its team.


1- Compassionate Care:

Compassion & empathy are a cornerstone of a successful caregiver/client relationship.  Caregivers are responsible for a person’s care at some of the most difficult times of their lives. Clients might be experiencing a simple need for additional help or may be dealing with cognitive decline, physical impairment, severe illness or recovery from surgery.

During these challenging situations, it is crucial to have a care team that has the patience, experience, and skills to provide professional care that also creates feelings of safety, trust and authentic compassion.

2- Respect:

Clients/patients can sense when they are treated with respect regarding their home, their belongings, their situation, and their personal preferences. When a client needs support to live safely at home, it is important for the caregiver to pro-actively learn what the client enjoys!

Ideally caregivers will take them on walks, do puzzles together, play games, read or watch a favorite TV show.  These actions show respect and involvement in the client’s care that help to create an important bond between the client and their caregiver(s).

3- Communication Skills:

To communicate well, caregivers must understand how to ‘actively’ listen and respond calmly.  This prevents misunderstandings, diffuses difficult situations and builds trust.

Look for an agency that hires qualified aides & trains them to:
  • Be patient
  • Look objectively at why the client is upset
  • Give the client a chance to explain why their upset
  • Consider the client’s perspective, reassure them & acknowledge the issue
  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Actively listen
  • Read body language and hear the tone of voice
  • Speaking slowly and calmly
  • Not to take anything personally
  • Know how to re-direct and/or compromise as needed
  • React appropriately and de-escalate when needed
4- Trust:

A caregiver/client relationship built on trust and honesty is the result of a Home Care agency that trains its team in the skills needed to create that trust!  Those skills include compassion, empathy, respect and clear communication techniques.

The more time that the caregivers and client spend together, the closer and more positive the relationship will be. This type of Home Care creates a positive, healthy, and safe environment!

 Choose Your Home Care Agency Wisely! Four (4) Key Areas To Consider.

The End Result Can Be So Simple – if you hire the right agency.

The highest quality care begins with hiring the right staff and uses Quality Control oversight to ensure the best client care possible.  The agency will also promote Ongoing Training to continually improve caregiver skillsets!

Ohana Care Maui was founded to deliver Exceptional Care, provide Ongoing Training and follow the “foundations of quality care” reviewed above.

What Can We Do For Your Ohana?

Ohana Care Maui clients receive THE highest quality care possible from Day #1 —  and, we ensure you or your loved one can live at home safely, lead a more productive life and enjoy the skilled, compassionate, professional care they deserve.
We Call it ‘Positive Client Relations’.   -💜-   You’ll Call it Exceptional Care.


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