All of our partners are highly trained, knowledgeable, and dependable.
Our partners offer any, and all, additional services you may need for your in-home care.
There are other services available not listed on this page. Please call us for more information

  • Nurses available 24/7
  • In home blood draws, port changes, etc.
  • Medication Management
  • Hospice available 24/7
  • Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy available in the comfort of your home
  • In Home Massage and stretching Treatments
  • Island wide care

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Our Partners

Hawaii Healthcare Academy

At The Forefront Of Healthcare Training


Interested in working with Ohana Care Maui but have no experience or schooling? Simply call our partners at Hawaii Healthcare Academy.  They will provide you the training necessary to start your career into the field of Healthcare.  Hawaii Healthcare Academy is a State Certified training facility that provides Certified Nurse’s Assistant (CNA) classes throughout the year. In addition, you may be qualified for financial aid.  Please go to their website to get more detailed information or call them at 808.866.8624.

Venture Physical Therapy

Venture Physical Therapy


Venture Physical Therapy provides treatment either at one of their (4) four clinics or in the comfort of your home. They are renowned in the medical community of Maui for their expertise in complex cases such as: patients that have had strokes, those with Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, post-surgical patients, and patients with other diagnosed traumas. They create support systems for patients and their families. At Venture Physical Therapy they specialize in helping patients achieve rapid pain relief without the side effects or costly expense of medication, special tests, or surgery.

Maui Restorative Massage

Hillary Runner


Massage Therapy
- Relieves Stress & Muscle Tension/soreness
- Assists with Pain Management
- Increases Flexibility and Range of Motion
- Helps in Injury Recovery and Prevention
- Relaxation, better sleep

Therapeutic Sessions Can Address:
- Neck pain/whiplash/text neck
- upper and lower back pain
- Carpel tunnel/golfers or tennis elbow
- Sciatica
- Sl joint pain
- Leg, knee problems
- Plantar fasciitis
- Ligament and tendon problems
- Structural dysfunctions

(808) 276-8805
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Deborah Coleman

Deborah Coleman

Deborah Coleman
Deborah Coleman is the owner of Lotus Springs a non-profit consulting agency providing education to the community, social service agencies and businesses on Gerontology, the study of aging. The holder of a Masters in social work, from Rutgers University her career has been working with the physical and, mentally challenged and seniors. Adjunct professor at southern Oregon University teaching undergraduate students and Supervisor for Portland State graduate students field internships. Medical social worker for Providence Medical center in Medford Oregon she trained caregivers at assistant Living facilities, foster homes and in-service for staff. She is a member of Hawaii AARP volunteer group that educates seniors on how to protect themselves from scams and on the benefits, protection and rights of older Americans. She also volunteers for Women Helping Women a passion from her college days and the MACC.
Lotus Springs 707-893-7760 email


The Recovery Center

The Recovery Village

The Recovery Village is a national network of rehabilitation centers for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. They feature helpful resources and information on their website including a resource for veterans who have been affected by substance use disorder:

Jill Binford, MSN, RN

Jill Binford, MSN, RN

My family and I recently relocated to Maui from Austin, TX.  I miss tacos, but have hung up my cowgirl hat in favor of all things ocean!  I’ve been a nurse for 31 years and have practiced in many areas, most recently school health.

I’ve been a school nurse for 21 years.  Prior to school nursing I worked as a home health nurse, and traveled the country working on a maternity floor for a traveling nurse agency. I am excited to join Ohana Care Maui and to be a part of their training program.


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